Christmas is coming everybody! Santa’s coming from the north pole. For some people who live in Australia that don’t celebrate Christmas and don’t understand, we celebrate Christmas and we believe in Jesus for Christmas. We see some relations too. It is really fun and great. It is really exciting for me because I hardly ever see one of my nans. I never see her because she lives in Mooroopna but my cousin gets to see her nearly every day. I get to go to my other nans sister always on every Christmas. She goes there instead of all of us going to Mooroopna. We always get clothes off her.  For my mum and dads present we’re making then brunch in bed because they always wake up late. They are very lucky.  Parents they are the best!   Im not going to stay up late like I did last time.  I’m so dam cheeky! Lucky I didn’t see Santa! Lucky we had everything turned off.   He was so lucky he was very quiet when he comes in the house.  He is very fat and has a big long white beard and he carries a sack and has 9 reindeers. Their names are Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Rudloh, Dasher, Donner, Blitzen, Comet and Cupid.  Rudolh is the most popular reindeer out of all of the reindeer.  EVERYBODY HAVE A GOOD CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BSPS evacuation

On Thursday Bourchier Street Primary School had to evacuate the school because we got prank called.  Someone said it was a bomb threat. We went to Shepparton High School. We went to the toilet and had a drink at the bubble taps. I had heaps of water it was really cold water. It felt like my teeth were cracking and frozen it was really cold and freezing.

BSPS fete

On Thursday my family went to the fete. Josh and I did our puppet show and after that I saw my mum and she gave me $50 and I spent $45 dollars.  Now I’m saving up for a motorbike.  After that I went on the bucking bull  and I lasted not very long.  It was fun!  I went on the slippery pig with a prep or grade one (I don’t know what grade he was.) I beat him two times. It was fun.  Then I went and did floaty ducks and there was an even box and an odd box. I got number 31 and I got a helicopter hat.  It was fun and it was fantastic.

My uncle’s wedding

On Saturday my uncle’s wedding is coming up.  I’m excited for it and I can’t wait.  My brother and I are walking my uncle down the aisle.  I’m wearing a blue tuxedo t-shirt and tan shorts with blue and tan shoes and white socks.


On Saturday I was getting ready for Halloween.  I was going to go as a clown I but mum said no so I went as a mummy.  It was fun!  While we were getting ready to go down the street and buy stuff, my cousin came.  He stayed for for 4 nights.  We had fun and I enjoyed my weekend.

My weekend

On Saturday Kaden and I saw my brother and his friend Jye.  We had fun with Jye and my brother.  We went to the shop and bought $10 worth of lollies, 2 solos at $4, $3.50 worth of chips and 4 golden gaytimes at $10.  We spent $27.50 all up.  After we left the shop we walked to Bourchier St and we saw an abandoned house.  There was a fight there and there were police and ambulance everywhere.  After that we went to the school for two hours.  When we went to go home I cut myself on a fence and there was blood everywhere.

My weekend

On Saturday my cousin stayed for 2 nights.  I had fun on Saturday arvo because we went to the skate park.  I went down the six on my bike and I went up on the mini spine. It was really really fun.  I tried to do a back flip on the big spine.  I loved it!  I picked up my electric scooter and went on the mini spine and I did a jump. I saw my friend Sam.  He has a knee brace on his leg and he still rides a scooter and bike.  When my cousin came we made a sike its a scooter and a bike get a sike.

On sunday i was in a comp i came 2 in  the comp i could not believe it


I chose Jamaica for  the Big Write because I didn’t  know much about Jamaica. The Big Write was the funniest bit of the day and it was the best day of the week.

Father’s Day

On Sunday it was Father’s Day.  I made him two cards.  One was a suit card and the other a Happy Father’s Day card.  It was very funny when I gave him a roll of toilet paper for Father’s Day then I gave him a LED watch.  He loved everything I gave him.  My mum bought him a Darrel’s dad’s bag full of Darrel’s chocolate. It was the best day ever.